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Hi there, thanks for visiting my site.

This "secret" feature was primarily developed for my close friends. It is essentially a back door that reveals my "digital darkroom" process. Originally, I did not plan it to be a feature for the public. However, since the inception of my site, I have understood two very important things:

1. I like to consider everyone who vists my site a friend, in which case, I can share "secrets".

2. I realise that the driving force behind my photoblog is compositing, a skill which I employ daily. I enjoy to push images as far as possible, to find and emphasize the beauty of them.I like to add to them, manipulate them. Basically, I just like to create and see where I can take them. By including my "before and after" feature, it really adds a level of interactivity to my images, allowing viewers to share in a new visual experience. I hope it gives you new, good feelings.

It is my pleasure to explain this to you.


* Roll your cursor over my last name "Kolobov", located bottom left of the page. The last name will be in red color.
* Wait a few seconds for the "before" image to load and you will see the original image shot by the camera.
* Roll cursor away to see altered image again.

- Note that I implemented this feature after the site had been up for a while so most of the early images do not have this feature, in this case last name will be not in red color.
- Being first I always receive a question if photobloggers can add this feature to their site. YES! Feel free about using this idea on your site. Will be nice to recieve a credit. :-)


For everybody who would like to add this feature:
My friend Karin posted a great tutorial with a script download at Pixepost Forum.




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